Cheers Femurs

This month I have been dipping in and out of April loves, a month of daily reflective prompts created by Susannah Conway. One prompt really stood out for me – legs. Like many women I struggle to accept my body but I have come a long way and it started with my legs.


Dear legs,

We have been through a fair bit haven’t we? I have always hated you – well throughout my teens and twenties focusing on your size. The wobble when I walked, the paleness of you in Spring and Summer. When I started running in my mid twenties it was always baggy numbers, full length or cropped. Any exercise class was done in baggy trousers, in fact most of my clothing on the bottom half were baggy. I remember measuring my thighs repeatedly – cheering when the number decreased. Continue reading “Cheers Femurs”


Jupiter Artland – Local Tourist Time

Amethyst sculpture

I sometimes wonder if my love of Scotland is born slightly out of my fear of flying – as a way for my brain to trick me into not feeling as though I am missing out when I see amazing photos from around the world or when I see far flung friends and family whose lives are constantly changing and we aren’t as large a part of anymore. Then I tend to stop thinking and analysing so much and head off into my local area.

Today’s post is actually about a trip I took in June. Oddly enough I have been watching posts about Jupiter Artland pop up in my Bloglovin feed over the last couple of weeks and since I love a good bandwagon here I am. Joking aside I have been wanting to visit Jupiter Artland for a couple of years. Continue reading “Jupiter Artland – Local Tourist Time”