Inshriach Shepherd’s Hut

ShepherdsHut*Just a little update to say Walter won the Shed of the Year 2015 for his gin distillery/bar/shop shed at Inshriach – it is incredible and he is a worthy winner

Apologies, I haven’t been a particularly prolific blogger of late but that will all change and we will be back to normal soon – I am trying to decide what type of blog I actual write. At the end of May I had a very welcome week off work. The first few days I chilled out, met friends and went for a sunny beach ride. Then on the Wednesday we loaded up the car with bikes, pjs and gin and headed North for a couple of nights. The weather in Scotland has been strange lately, it is pretty cold and rainy – some sunshine but showers inevitably followed. The rain started when we hit Perth and Mr IHR started to voice concerns about where we were headed.

IMG_1752 (2)

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#30 Days of Cycling and Beyond

I managed the #30daysofcycling throughout April and in the end totalled 258 miles. My legs are sore but definitely look more defined and feel stronger. I also realised that I need to go back to yoga as my shoulders are almost permanently hunched forwards as though on my bike! I have realised that by making the concious decision to cycle everyday it shows how easy using the bike as my main means of transport in the city really is. It does help that I don’t have to carry a lot of stuff for my work as I am a desk based wee worker. I also discovered that a lot of my activity previously was taken up by walking which means that by cycling more I am actually less active time-wise! Quite odd but it has meant I have tried to incorporate other activities into my day and try to walk at lunchtime if I am not out running. Continue reading “#30 Days of Cycling and Beyond”

Iceland – Winter Wonderland Part 1

At the start of February I travelled to Iceland for a wee two night, three days break. We stayed in Reykjavik and only explored a tiny fraction of what this amazing island has to offer. I also rode there, Icelandic horses are incredible, and I will be doing a full review of that experience as well.

Outside plane landing in Iceland

On day one we arrived in Iceland at quarter past two in the afternoon after a flight where my flying nerves were steeled by the 50% proof vodka the lovely lads I ended up sitting with were kind enough to give me. We had already had done a fair amount of planning for the trip, with such a short space of time we had an itinerary and everything to maximise our time. Continue reading “Iceland – Winter Wonderland Part 1”

Cheers Mum!

Happy mothers’ day! I thought today I might post a wee blog post kind of about my mother (she would hate me if I did a full post actually about her). I have three items of clothing that I essentially stole from her wardrobe, all are denim and all are from the 70s. I love them and they are brilliant in the way they fit and of course are unique and have their own story behind them. The denim shirt I actually wore as a teenager so as well as reminding me of my mum it also brings back memories of the odd layering choices I went through at school – I wore it with purple chenille (anyone else remember chenille) jumper and thought it looked awesome – luckily no photographic proof remains of most of my bizarre fashion choices, that has to be a rite of passage hasn’t it? Some bizzare clothing choices you put together and will remember for the rest of your days, I remember in my school it seemed to be a challenge of how long you could go in Autumn before finally sucumbing and wearing a jacket to school – I live in Scotland, you should always wear a jacket in Autumn in Scotland!! Okay I have drifted off course there.

My mum dug out some great pictures of her wearing the jacket and shirt for me to share with you guys. I’m not sure anything I own will last as well as these have, perhaps my Totty Rocks mac, but I hope these denim pieces last me even longer.

Doing double denim on a motorbike
Doing double denim on a motorbike

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Last week we took the motorhome away for a few days, Mr Inelegant Horse Rider’s family are so sweet and let us borrow theirs whenever we fancy. It is a brilliant way to holiday, especially in the colder months and although it might not be considered as stylish as some of the vintage models I love the campervan. Of course I don’t have to drive it so maybe I should be quiet, on that front we had a few hairy moments as the wind and rain on the way back down the road was a little intense and scary.

We first went up to Durness, we arrived in the dark after an interesting route on a single track road for around fifty miles where a few huge deer decided to wander into the road, we were happy to wait for them to pass – the stags were truly magnificent. Luckily the pitch was pretty level (last time we used the chalks one of the them splintered and nearly took out my eyebrows) so we set up next to the cliffs and waited for sunrise. Even in the dark we knew we were somewhere special as the waves crashed off the rocks below the moon shone so brightly it showed us the big sky of the North. Durness is the one of the most north-westerly towns on the Scottish mainland, it is small and out-of-season it closes down a fair bit (totally understandably).
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Oh so that’s where my style was, it is always in the last place you look

For the past year (almost) I have been feeling particularly patchy about my style. In fact I am pretty confident I don’t have any at the moment. I have tried many challenges, tried to work through activities to help me define my style and talked about it so much I may have lost friends due to it (only kidding, or at least I think I am only kidding).

The last challenge and exercise I have been trying out have been some of the most fun ones I have come across. Both I have found via the great blog I recently discovered Sustainability in Style, a really inspiring blog and I would recommend having a read if you are interested in ethical and sustainable style.

The first I have tried has been the 30 day Who What Wear challenge. I have been enjoying it, I haven’t been doing it religiously as some of the challenges I haven’t been able to do. Also not owning a full length mirror or really being able to take a decent photo of my outfit has let me down slightly for taking pictures (see my interesting outfit photos below) but it has been fun and interesting trying to put different outfits together. I will keep going with this one.

Me in a mirror
Rapanui tshirt & clothes swap cardi, with my beloved Howies jeans
Me in a mirror
Showing off some of my shoes, just wait the shoe collection will get an airing on the blog shortly
Selfie of me in a bowler hat
This challenge was to wear the hat you don’t think you can pull off – I actually really like this hat and will wear it more

The other thing I have been trying is to do the Into Mind website exercises to try and understand what my style is. I will hold my hands up here and say that I have found it difficult to actually sit down and do these exercises but I can see how this would be of benefit. I *will* do this though.

Although at the end of all of these challenges and activities it was my lovely friend Roz who I met on Saturday who made me realise that I actually might not be in such a style funk as I thought. She laughed when I said I didn’t think I had any style at the moment and said that she felt I always had a particular style and over recent years I have toned down my clashing prints but that she felt I tend to be casual but with bright colours and prints, that I wear items in different ways to how it might be expected. That was really nice to hear, the more I think about it the more I start to think I do know what my style is! I like prints and while I adore my heels I like to be active so love flat shoes to run around in or shoes I can use on my bike. I really like the 50s style of turnups, never really realised I have turned up the hems on nearly all the trousers I have 🙂

Still reckon I have a wee bit to go to work out style for things such as future purchases and what to keep and what might make its way onwards to friends, family and charity. I think I might have been inspired to do a new and more full-on challenge but more on that shortly.

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The August Break 2014

This year I am taking part in the August Break. I did it last year, although I joined a little late. I was inspired to join from Franca of Oranges And Apples last year and enjoyed it so much I was keen to sign up again

So what is the August Break? Well it is arranged by Susannah Conway who beautiful blog has lots of stunning pictures on it. It is a community affair with people signing up to take a picture each day throughout August and if you are stuck for inspiration you can use the ideas given for each day – I quite like using them anyway. I will be posting on my Instagram account using the #augustbreak2014, there is a Filckr group as well and of course you can use your blog. I will do the cardinal blogging sin of reposting some of my favourite pictures from Instagram here once a week.

List of prompts for August Break

Last year I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures posted from around the world so I would recommend taking a look or perhaps signing up yourself, she has a blogroll of those involved at:

Hope you like the pictures! Oh and obviously there are likely to be some horse-y inspired ones 🙂