More Making Plans!

While scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across a photo from t*rexes and tiaras showing the start of a lovely coloured cardigan, she mentioned this was one of her Make Nines for 2016. My interest was suitably piqued so I started searching and it turns out a lot of makers out there have been giving lists of nine things they would like to make this year and sharing it out. I like this idea, nine items doesn’t sound too much and I can combine crocheting, knitting and sewing into a wee ideas list.

I had tried to pull together a list of knitting, crocheting and sewing things i would like to have achieved by the end of the year but I never got round to writing them all up. Instead here are nine things I would like to try and make and my progress so far. My vintage pledge still stands and two of the items here are vintage style so I would still meet my target!


  • Cardigan (knitted)
  • Julia cardigan – jersey cardigan that I first saw on Franca’s blog and have aspired to sew ever since



  • Pencil skirt – a casual knit fabric one preferably
  • Shirt/blouse – I am loving the casual looser styles and so far eBay has not been my friend on this front
  • Tshirt from the Simplicity pattern I already have
  • Casual/smart skirt – the McCalls 6993 pattern
  • Simplicity sleeveless top

Julia Jumper

I am currently knitting this one up a treat. It is a simple pattern, moss stitch mainly and for some that might be boring but for me it is good practise. I am a little nervous about joining in a new ball of yarn but I am sure it will be fine, I have the internet to guide me! I can see that this kit isn’t great value for money in some respects but it has inspired me to actually try knitting a jumper for my 3rd project and I think that is a good thing.

Collete Moneta Dress

I start a new dressmaking class to make this dress out of jersey(!) fabric today. I really want to sew with jersey, most of my favourite items are made from this material so to continue with making things in woven when this class was available seemed a little daft. I still plan to sew with woven fabrics but I am excited by learning about this new fabric.

Any tips for patterns for the items that I haven’t specified a pattern for would be great. Does anyone else have a make nine list they want to share?


My Vintage Sewing Pledge 2016

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that for my birthday I received a sewing machine! I decided to get a Janome CXL301, which is a computerised one – part of me still hankers after an old fashioned basic one, in fact a treadle one would be brilliant but let’s be realistic something that helps me sew button holes is always going to be helpful. It is also the machine I used at my dressmaking class I took B.C. (you know, before Chop 🙂 ), I loved the fact that it has an adjustable speed for the foot pedal and the set up of it was a breeze. Of course the fact I had the lovely Rachel to advise probably helped there. Continue reading “My Vintage Sewing Pledge 2016”

It’s been a while…

Well I posted at the start of December with good intentions of posting more often again but it came to nothing. The longer I left it the more I felt I should really have something to say before posting, that gave me writer’s block and while I composed posts in my head while cycling or walking home they never made it out of my head. So here it is, the first post of 2016. Firstly, I should explain that I have been slightly overwhelmed by getting a puppy (I know, I know – it isn’t that big a thing but bear with me 🙂 ) and then all my free time was spent attempting to create some wonderful homemade Christmas presents. Some of those I was incredibly pleased with, some were learning experiences! This post is all about riding and horses but I will be back with one about my sewing/knitting and crochet plans for 2016 and hopefully some new reviews for you. Continue reading “It’s been a while…”


Image from Sustainability in Style

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I am fairly sure that like me you follow a lot of blogs and hadn’t really noticed this little one being very quiet. I had noticed, I kept getting myself stressed about not having posted which then lead to me having ideas to post but none seeming ‘good enough’ to be the return to blogging post. Continue reading “Dressember”

Sunny Hacks and September Plans

Bass Rock & Tantallon Castle

September is here, I think it might be one of my favourite months. There is still warmth and the golden evening light is beautiful, I read today that some people feel that September can be a fresh start kind of month (even if we are a little old for the back-to-school feel of the month – though in Scotland we always go back to school in August) and I think I agree with them. However, this September started a little flat or more accurately August ended a little flat, the cross country in Ireland was amazing and the Peak District break beautiful but both were over, my nerves had reappeared on a hack and I felt tired & headache-y. Then September appeared and it was back to work, which seems as busy as ever, and back into routine – the flat is messy and we seem unable to keep it tidy and my never ending self-analysis when it comes to my nerves is bothering even me 🙂 Continue reading “Sunny Hacks and September Plans”

30 Days of Biking – Gearing Up for Spring

the view from queen's drive, edinburgh

Sorry for the break in blogging, there has been no particular reason for it. I have found it difficult of late to write and with my riding in particular there has been a bit of a low point last weekend where I felt nearly ready to throw in the towel and accept that I just shouldn’t be a rider. I am feeling much more positive about it now and even the hours afterwards I picked myself up and decided that the negative, dwelling on the lows didn’t seem to be getting rid of my nerves so perhaps I just need to not focus too much upon it. Continue reading “30 Days of Biking – Gearing Up for Spring”

Iceland Day 2 – The Magical Golden Circle

Day two in Iceland we were up early and out on the road by quarter past eight – which seemed to be rush hour in Reykjavik but it was still really pretty chilled. We took a brief tour off the beaten track around the back of a Bonus supermarket. Top tip the big supermarkets all seemed to be opening around 10 o’clock – plan ahead for road trip snacks.

We had decided to drive the Golden Circle tour ourselves rather than do one of the organised tours and I can’t recommend it enough. It meant we could spend as long as we liked at the various stops and we could pull over when we wanted. We did just that, as the sun started to rise we had already turned off the main road and the entire landscape was sparkling and glittering as the sun rose.

The dawn breaking on the road in Iceland

A lovely Icelandic dude stopped to check we were okay which was so sweet. Continue reading “Iceland Day 2 – The Magical Golden Circle”