Holiday Style

After a couple of years of resolving to post outfit pictures I finally manage to post some. These pictures were taken while we were on holiday last week. We started the week with blue skies in Glencoe and ended the week on the Isle of Mull with grey skies and a chill in the air. Chop dealt with the ferry and staying in the motorhome really well, he barked at the clear, starlit, inky black sky in Glencoe – it looks like he is a true city dog now. Leith has changed him 🙂 We did lots of walking but no skiing for me as I’m still unable to run or cycle due to this lingering virus (3 months and counting).

This outfit is typical for me at the moment and I feel really comfortable and like myself in it. I have chosen to end my participation in ‘no new clothes for a year’ challenge. I started in September and slipped up three times before stopping fully in early March. I had my own reasons for joining the challenge as I already know a lot about the clothing industry and luckily I can choose where to shop and can avoid fast fashion brands choosing to shop 2nd hand first and with brands whose ethics I agree with. I also still like to support local companies and my love of Finisterre shows no signs of abating!

I found the challenge was making me miserable. Many of my clothes didn’t feel like me. I felt uncomfortable in them and just wanted to have a clear out. My taste outstrips my sewing skills and ability, I don’t want to end up getting frustrated and giving up sewing when I can’t make the things I would like. This made me revise my idea that I could make what I needed to fill any gaps in my wardrobe! My black trousers were wearing out, the jeans I have I don’t particularly like and many pieces simply don’t fit in with my lifestyle.

I also discovered through the Facebook group that most other people on the challenge were really enjoying it, I found myself constantly window shopping and I felt like a failure. That was until I chatted with Katie from Sustainability in Style the original creator of this challenge. She told me to go back and look at my original reasons for doing the challenge – had I achieved them? Do you know what I feel I have, I have definitely worked out my style. These outfits are my casual go to style. Now I accept that I want to replace the jeans as they aren’t the best but that can wait – I’m now working on stopping the cycle of payday spending but without any new challenges instead just step by step. First up a big clear out is taking place, not only in my wardrobe but in the whole flat – don’t worry the puppy stays though.

ChopAndMeOnTheFerry (2)
On the ferry to Mull. Hat knitted by me, Seafolly jacket by Seasalt.

Fancy an interesting online read? I would recommend Katie’s post on Freetown Fashpack, enjoy the awesome style on show in that post 🙂


Knit One, Purl One, Chase Puppy Around to Get Your Yarn Back

Two posts in one month – aren’t you all very lucky. I did one of those things that all bloggers recommend, I actually looked at what people seemed to like reading on this little corner of the internet. Unsurprisingly reviews came out pretty high and it made me think that there are actually quite a few things I have made, bought or done in the last few months that might be useful to others. I also have plans for a slight revamp on the blog but more on that in March. Today’s post is about a knitting kit and some free knitting tutorials.

I had high hopes for last Christmas, I would spend some time practising crafts and baking – then come December time I would lovingly make gifts for friends and family while listening to Christmas music. That really didn’t happen, but I did manage to make way more presents than ever before and even made some I was proud of. I did end up briefly stressed as I realised I had dropped stitches on some knitting and had to rip it up and start again but on the whole I enjoyed what I did make and I aim for more this year although I am going to plan more thoroughly. Continue reading “Knit One, Purl One, Chase Puppy Around to Get Your Yarn Back”

My Vintage Sewing Pledge 2016

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that for my birthday I received a sewing machine! I decided to get a Janome CXL301, which is a computerised one – part of me still hankers after an old fashioned basic one, in fact a treadle one would be brilliant but let’s be realistic something that helps me sew button holes is always going to be helpful. It is also the machine I used at my dressmaking class I took B.C. (you know, before Chop 🙂 ), I loved the fact that it has an adjustable speed for the foot pedal and the set up of it was a breeze. Of course the fact I had the lovely Rachel to advise probably helped there. Continue reading “My Vintage Sewing Pledge 2016”

It’s been a while…

Well I posted at the start of December with good intentions of posting more often again but it came to nothing. The longer I left it the more I felt I should really have something to say before posting, that gave me writer’s block and while I composed posts in my head while cycling or walking home they never made it out of my head. So here it is, the first post of 2016. Firstly, I should explain that I have been slightly overwhelmed by getting a puppy (I know, I know – it isn’t that big a thing but bear with me 🙂 ) and then all my free time was spent attempting to create some wonderful homemade Christmas presents. Some of those I was incredibly pleased with, some were learning experiences! This post is all about riding and horses but I will be back with one about my sewing/knitting and crochet plans for 2016 and hopefully some new reviews for you. Continue reading “It’s been a while…”


Image from Sustainability in Style

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I am fairly sure that like me you follow a lot of blogs and hadn’t really noticed this little one being very quiet. I had noticed, I kept getting myself stressed about not having posted which then lead to me having ideas to post but none seeming ‘good enough’ to be the return to blogging post. Continue reading “Dressember”

It’s New Challenge Time!


At the start of September I committed to ‘No New Clothes for a Year’. This challenge initially came on my radar because of Katie Roberts’ lovely blog Sustainability in Style. I followed her year long challenge with interest, of course it helps that she takes lovely photos and writes about everything with passion and clarity. A wee thought took hold for me ‘could I do this?’. I pushed it aside while saying to myself ‘maybe after I get that work top…or that coat…or those new jodhpurs’. I had reduced my consumption hugely, I know the ethics of everything I buy and try to buy #secondhandfirst when I can. However, I have enough clothing but I still buy more – I want to save more money and pay off my debts. I want to have a wardrobe that exists for me and fits into my life. I also hope to focus more on learning how to implement more eco principles in other areas of my life. Continue reading “It’s New Challenge Time!”

Sunny Hacks and September Plans

Bass Rock & Tantallon Castle

September is here, I think it might be one of my favourite months. There is still warmth and the golden evening light is beautiful, I read today that some people feel that September can be a fresh start kind of month (even if we are a little old for the back-to-school feel of the month – though in Scotland we always go back to school in August) and I think I agree with them. However, this September started a little flat or more accurately August ended a little flat, the cross country in Ireland was amazing and the Peak District break beautiful but both were over, my nerves had reappeared on a hack and I felt tired & headache-y. Then September appeared and it was back to work, which seems as busy as ever, and back into routine – the flat is messy and we seem unable to keep it tidy and my never ending self-analysis when it comes to my nerves is bothering even me 🙂 Continue reading “Sunny Hacks and September Plans”